AKTRES: An open-label Phase I/II study of GSK2110183 in combination with Carboplatin and Paclitaxel in subjects with Platinum-Resistant Ovarian cancer.

On a global basis, ovarian cancer is the sixth most commonly diagnosed cancer among women with an estimated 204,000 new cases diagnosed each year and a 5 year survival rate of 45%. The development of resistance to chemotherapy correlates with poor prognosis such that this patient population represents an unmet clinical need. Inhibition of AKT is postulated to reverse chemotherapeutic resistance based on preclinical data. Therefore, the combination of GSK2110183 (an AKT inhibitor) with chemotherapy (carboplatin and paclitaxel) in patients with platinum resistant ovarian cancer could represent an exciting step forward for this difficult-to-treat patient population.


PiSARRO:   p53 suppressor activation in recurrent high grade serous ovarian cancer, a Phase Ib/II study of systematic carboplatin combination chemotherapy with or without APR-246.


DICE (Endometrial Trial):   A phase 2 randomized study of MLN0128 (a dual TORC 1/2 inhibitor), MLN0128 + MLN117 (a PI3K alpha inhibitor), weekly paclitaxel, or the combination of weekly paclitaxel and MLN0128 on women with advanced recurrent and persistent endometrial cancer.